I specialize in working with people of all walks of life who struggle with day-to-day depression, anxiety and/or grief brought on by real experiences and hardships.  I approach each issue with sensitivity and care knowing that my clients have come to me to find relief with understanding, exploration and compassion. I know how painful it is to struggle and to feel like there is no one who can help or understand what it is you are experiencing, so I take extra care in making sure you are comfortable, feeling aligned and allowing our process to reveal itself however feels congenial to you.

With 30 years of education, spiritual growth and clinical training as a therapist and a creative arts specialist, my approach to psychology is unique in that I have been trained to listen and respond to life’s difficulties from the heart with empathy and authentic compassion as an artist as well as a psychologist. When it is appropriate I encourage my client’s sleeping dreams to guide the therapeutic process.  I believe that dreams are portals into an alternative way of seeing, feeling and hearing the deeper part of my clients who are seeking a meaningful creative and positive interpretations to the often strange and bizarre events that take place in our day to day lives.

I work creatively, philosophically and with soul in mind to tend to the symptoms that have kept my clients from living the life they deserve and I am committed to bringing relief and insight with optimism, enthusiasm and love. I feel it is important to create a collaborative space that is confidential, safe and inspiring. I generally use methods of communicating that are holistic and comforting without being New Agey or farfetched. If applicable or requested I teach meditation and encourage organic approaches to living a healthy and positive life.

Theoretically my orientation is a blend of Psychoanalytic and Jungian theory using Self Psychology as a way of bringing the work to brass tax interaction.  My education and training has been dynamic and extensive.  I received a PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute. In addition, I hold an MA in Performance Studies (dreams/music/behavior) from New York University, and an MFA in the study of writing images from the University of Miami.   I had three years of training at the prestigious Wright Institute of Los Angeles where I learned my craft as a therapist —  allowing for treatment that tends to creativity and psychodynamic approaches for healing and nurturing to take place. Call or contact me for a free consultation on the phone or come in for an initial session. The time is now to access the true Self.

Final Note:

Dr. Mollura is currently accepting new patients in his Beverly Hills practice where he sees younger, mid-life, and older adults for individual and couples psychotherapy. License # PSY30873

Come in or call and chat about what obstacles are keeping you from getting the most out of your life.  

The initial intake session is free for your questions and discovery.


Clincal Psychology Qualifications:

School: Pacifica Graduate Institute - PhD

Year Graduated: 2013


Wright Institute of Los Angeles - 3,000 plus hours of training and supervision with the most inspiring faculty of psychotherapy masters in the country.

BHC - Mental Hospital - Intern.

CalFam Institute - Intern

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