Dr. Michael Mollura, Ph.D
With Enthusiasm, Peace of mind and Warmth – Welcome!
— Dr. Michael Mollura, Ph.D

About Me 

Dr. Michael R. Mollura has a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology with two Master degrees in the study of the healing components of music, performance and images.  In a centrally located Beverly Hills office, Dr. Mollura offers classic psychodynamic therapy supervised by Dr. Linda K. O’Dell PSY25831. 

With 30 years of experience as a spiritual practitioner and scholar, Dr. Mollura communicates a refreshing creative warmth and imparts a down-to-earth reception that can decrease the anxiousness often accompanying those who come to therapy for help. Mollura knows what it means to struggle and to ask for help from personal experience and is committed to providing a therapeutic environment that feels calming and gentle the moment you enter into the space. Therapy sessions are intended to help individuals who struggle with troubling thoughts and perceptions associated with depression, anxiety, grief, chronic pain, cynicism, psychosis, addiction and related personality disorders. Dr. Mollura’s extensive experiences as a therapist and creative interventionist makes his perspective unique and complements his ability to effectively relate and serve others with a high level of authenticity, compassion and enthusiasm. He has worked with all levels of artists, entertainment industry executives, well-known musicians, parents, corporate executives and people who just want to get back on to the grid and start enjoying life again.

Dr. Mollura’s therapy includes a sensitive blend of traditional psychotherapy, Jungian driven Depth Psychology, Self Psychology and a focus on dream interpretation using creative expression to open up the psyche for new healing perspectives to emerge.


About my Approach to Therapy

My therapeutic work is focused on providing hope and well being while addressing each person's obstacles and how they relate to our struggles of living in what often feels like an uncaring world. Through dialogue and creative interaction we address discomforting thoughts and feelings in ways that can not be addressed by one's friends or relatives and begin to access healing modalities through human connection imbibed with much needed truth and hope. I believe that unconditional love, listening and empathy can open the portals to healing.  I grew up in a New York City and studied homelessness and have had the honor of working with people who had to fight just to get a seat on a subway car at 7 am in sub zero degree weather.  I know what it means to feel overcrowded and undernourished even under the beautiful blue skies and radiating sunlight of Southern California because the world isn't receptive to our deepest needs.  I will receive you like we have known one another for a long time, because I sincerely believe that whatever the conditions that have brought us together –– regardless of how tragic and hopeless they feel –– may actually be happening with the intention of being healed not just for you but for everyone you know and don't know who can benefit from your courage and commitment to feeling better.

While therapy might consider how the past has shaped current experiences of discomforting thinking patterns, my approach to accessing healing also considers creative and spiritual ways of understanding why you have come to therapy at this time and how your symptoms are expressions of the deepest part of your being seeking peace of mind through a positive healthy relationship. In this new way, the work is focused on the creative exploration of images and ideas that make us who we are in the world and provide direction for transformation and satisfaction. I am not into New Ageisms or fancy philosophies -- but heart to heart communications to access hope and inspiration through the science and spirituality of connective interactions.   

Topics generally discussed in therapy range from issues regarding intimacy fears, creative impotence, sexual discomfort, relationship and vocational concerns as well as transpersonal events that feel alienating and scary. I consider how our moods, fears and perceptions are nothing to be ashamed of no matter how disturbing they are. With sensitivity and optimism I listen, reflect and create the work with you in a collaborative, healing environment that is creative and completely confidential. Together we create a healing experience by accessing that part of you that has been forgotten and awakens that part of you who longs for healthy connection, authentic communication with trust and a new sense of well being.  I invite you to come in for a free consultation meeting and see for yourself if what I am saying here is true.  If you do not feel inspired after that first session, there will be no charge and you are free to seek other options for your recovery.  I am here to serve and to help and that is why I love doing what I was placed on this earth to do. May you always be heard, held and loved!  Thank you for being here. 





I specialize in working with people of all walks of life who struggle with day-to-day depression, anxiety and/or grief brought on by real experiences and hardships.  I approach each issue with sensitivity and care knowing that my clients have come to me to find relief with understanding, exploration and compassion. I know how painful it is to struggle and to feel like there is no one who can help or understand what it is you are experiencing, so I take extra care in making sure you are comfortable, feeling aligned and allowing our process to reveal itself however feels congenial to you.

With 30 years of education, spiritual growth and clinical training as a therapist and a creative arts specialist, my approach to psychology is unique in that I have been trained to listen and respond to life’s difficulties from the heart with empathy and authentic compassion as an artist as well as a psychologist. When it is appropriate I encourage my client’s sleeping dreams to guide the therapeutic process.  I believe that dreams are portals into an alternative way of seeing, feeling and hearing the deeper part of my clients who are seeking a meaningful creative and positive interpretations to the often strange and bizarre events that take place in our day to day lives.

I work creatively, philosophically and with soul in mind to tend to the symptoms that have kept my clients from living the life they deserve and I am committed to bringing relief and insight with optimism, enthusiasm and love. I feel it is important to create a collaborative space that is confidential, safe and inspiring. I generally use methods of communicating that are holistic and comforting without being New Agey or farfetched. If applicable or requested I teach meditation and encourage organic approaches to living a healthy and positive life.

Theoretically my orientation is a blend of Psychoanalytic and Jungian theory using Self Psychology as a way of bringing the work to brass tax interaction.  My education and training has been dynamic and extensive.  I received a PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute. In addition, I hold an MA in Performance Studies (dreams/music/behavior) from New York University, and an MFA in the study of writing images from the University of Miami.   I had three years of training at the prestigious Wright Institute of Los Angeles where I learned my craft as a therapist —  allowing for treatment that tends to creativity and psychodynamic approaches for healing and nurturing to take place. Call or contact me for a free consultation on the phone or come in for an initial session. The time is now to access the true Self.

Final Note:

Dr. Mollura is currently accepting new patients in his Beverly Hills practice where he sees younger, mid-life, and older adults for individual and couples psychotherapy under the supervision of Dr. Linda K. O’Dell.

Come in or call and chat about what obstacles are keeping you from getting the most out of your life.  

The initial intake session is free for your questions and discovery.


Clincal Psychology Qualifications:

School: Pacifica Graduate Institute - PhD

Year Graduated: 2013


Wright Institute of Los Angeles - 3,000 plus hours of training and supervision with the most inspiring faculty of psychotherapy masters in the country.

BHC - Mental Hospital - Intern.

CalFam Institute - Intern

See Resume for more detailed information.







Dr. Michael Mollura is currently in private practice as a full-time Psych Assistant in Beverly Hills, California and also holds workshops and discussions that address the importance of creativity, meditation, yogic practices and dream consciousness to bring more gratitude into our everyday lives. He first received an MA from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts specializing in Performance Studies which included the analysis of performance as a behavioral construct - music - image - text and anthropology. Mollura followed that degree by earning an MFA in the study of text, music and images from the University of Miami. Mollura then received his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and completed both his internship and post-doctoral training at The Wright Institute of Los Angeles. His main orientations are Jungian and Self Psychology.

Dr. Mollura has recently taught Advanced Dream Interpretation coursework at the Wright Institute of Los Angeles and has a firm positive reputation in the spiritual community of Los Angeles.  He takes pride in his availability and commitment to making positive transformations take place in the lives of all his clients, colleagues, students and friends. He brings 30 years of education and spiritual growth with many years of clinical training to provide a life-affirming, nurturing, creative and confidential space for real healing to take place.

Supervision by Dr. Linda K. O’Dell  Ph.D – PSY2583





Read what business professionals who have worked with Dr. Michael Mollura are saying!


“Michael Mollura worked closely with me for 10 years. On top of his day-to-day tasks, beyond his obvious skills as a composer, Michael brings a Ph.D in Psychology and a Master’s degree in performance art to create a new and powerful approaches to working with people.” - Entertainment Executive

“Michael is well educated, well organized, talented and an exceptional person. He is motivated, loyal and a very hard worker. For ten years he has cultivated a strong web of contacts in many fields. He has powerful “people” skills and an extensive social network. He’d make an incredible teacher or therapist should he choose that path.” –Mike Gormley, Co-Owner, Yes Dear Entertainment, Former Head at Virgin Records with over 30 years in the Entertainment Industry

“We have worked with Michael a few times throughout the years and each time he has brought creativity, professionalism, and insight to our conversations! As a media outlet for many talented musicians, our clients need help getting started and recognized, Michael has been able to help us deliver those ingredients to the final product for our clients. On behalf of Helping Heroes and our talented clients, thanks for support! - Michelle, Helping Heroes Productions

“Michael is rock-solid, personable and has great depth as a teacher, analyst and writer.” - Bernard Tubiana, Principal at Deloitte Consulting

“I love working with Michael!  He is a straight-shooter, always giving me great feedback. He’s honest, an expert and available to take calls or answer my emails. Michael is delightful joy to work with – a rarity – and someone that can inspire you even when you’re in the clutches of an exasperating situation. If you ever need a go-to guy, Michael’s the man!” - Regina

“Michael is a uniquely talented individual. He draws upon his exceptional skills as a therapist and artist to bring to the table a distinct perspective and approach. He is a compassionate person with a tremendous curiosity that is reflected in his writing and in all his work.  His easy-going nature allows him to be receptive and open to new ideas.” - Marcy, Entertainment Executive

“Michael Mollura’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and insight make him a pleasure to work with under any circumstance. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for a therapist or composer whose creativity is inline with modern online media campaigns and social networking. Definitely an innovative individual whose thoughts appeal to the masses.” - Mary White - Personal Consultant to the Stars

“What makes Michael most importantly is his ability to work with people of all genres of life and thinking, while keeping an open mind.” - Joey Alkes, Poet, artist

“Michael’s a guy who means what he says, and says what he means. It’s a breath of fresh air to find a guy in the entertainment and mental health industry that is genuine, and not a poser. (like so many other wannabes) If you value integrity and honesty, then knowing Michael is worth a King’s ransom.” - Terry Rindal, Executive Producer of multiple films

“Michael is always a pleasure to work with, and an outstanding thinker.” - Sidra Consultations

“Michael is shy about admitting it, but he’s a renaissance guy. An experienced editor, trained therapist, seasoned musician, and, important in my world, a world class yogi as well. You should talk to Michael. You might even get a hit of transformation from this kid.” - Cary Baker, PR Executive

“Michael is an amazingly generous and loving individual. He puts his heart in to everything he does and is always looking to support others with what they are up to in life.” - Jason D - Executive

“Michael has the vision.” - Beth Ann - Coach

“Michael is a skilled and thoughtful thinker who’s articles in LA YOGA are always very well received. his positive attitude and friendly demeanor make him a joy to work with!” - Kerri, Art/Design Director

“A singular talent himself. A unique visionary. He’ll make a great teacher, educator, therapist and writer.” - Lindsey Anderson, Interactive Marketing Manager at McCann Worldgroup

…And there’s so much more if you ask for it. Specific recommendations for special projects and opportunities are available upon request.





I provide the following types of therapy:

  • Individual Psychodynamic Therapy – Using Jungian and Self Psychology Orientation
  • Imaginal/Archetypal Depth Psychotherapy
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Sex & Love Addiction Counseling
  • Couples Therapy (Psychodynamic)
  • Family Therapy (Psychodynamic)
  • Dream Driven Psychology
  • Critical Voice Counseling

 Therapy Specialties:

  • Anxiety/Chronic Stress/Panic

  • Depression

  • Grief and Loss

  • Auditory Hallucinations

  • Addiction and Recovery

  • Dream Disturbances

  • Spiritual Crisis

  • Personality Disorders

  • Schizoaffective

  • Sex and Intimacy Issues

  • Psychosis

  • Meditation and Yoga Counseling


DMP Therapy Services

Through a personalized treatment approach, each session manifests in accordance with the individual’s specific needs and wishes. In an allied effort, therapist and client explore those obstacles that are interfering with the ability to achieve important goals or experience the highest level of satisfaction in the major areas of one’s life including work, relationships, intimacy or a general state of mind.

Dr. Mollura offers as a supplement to traditional psychotherapy, a technique for dream analysis that he developed and designed himself titled DREAM MUSIC PSYCHOTHERAPY (DMP). 

The work has been clinically researched and includes the experience of composing original music to dream content in a collaborative environment in order to get at deeper meaningful material to access healing.  For more information on this innovative new technique only offered here and never been done by any other psychologist in the world, please go to the DMP page on this site or call or email Dr. Michael Mollura for a free consultation.




Dream Music Psychotherapy


As a professional composer for over 20 years with a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and a trained therapist with a special interest in dream images, this exciting approach to psychotherapy includes clinical strategies to address the thematic content of my client’s dreams.  The work is designed to tend to reoccurring or disturbing or perplexing dreams by first discussing the dream.  In subsequent sessions the client collaborates with me as two artists seeking to re-create the experience of the dream using sounds, vibrations, and tones which then create a musical landscape that best describes the dream in a new collaborative piece of music composition.  In follow-up sessions client and therapist discuss content of the dream using the music composition and explore if new images, ideas, interpretations have deepened the experience of the dream.

The intention of this process is to access dream content that guide us on the road to respecting and understanding the nature of the dream, while providing a road map for subsequent session content themes and material for deeper healing to manifest in your life.

I feel that the creative component of the human experience is often neglected and the cause of discomfort or uneasiness in one’s life.  I believe that by accessing the creative artist in everyone we begin a deepening healing process that is exciting, fun and insightful.  This therapy is not just for creative minded individuals, but for all those who are interested in such explorations.  If you do not have a “realized” creative bone in your body, you are not alone, nor are you excluded from this work.  In fact, this work might just benefit the least creative individual as much if not more than those who come already making a living as a creative artist.  Nevertheless, being a musician (though helpful) is not a requirement to do this work.

If you are not dreaming, this work could inspire the dreaming process to manifest and we can work together to help you remember your dreams.  To consider this approach to the unconscious, we would begin by discussing the process in great detail and you can decide if this work is best for you.

Dream Music Psychotherapy is new and it is my contribution to the field of psychology. It is not a replacement of traditional psychotherapeutic work, but a supplemental intervention that blends and works with the process of healing.   I approach this dream-music work with love, enthusiasm and excitement! Feel free to call or email me with questions. 




Michael R. Mollura, Ph.D, MA, MFA

 PSB940021221     Clinical Psychology   

Supervision by Dr. Linda K. O’Dell  Ph.D – PSY25831


Continuing ongoing training and the advancement of knowledge and experience to tend to pathology and concerns of patients.

Education History:

Wright Institute of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, Psychoanalytical therapist in training.  Post-Doc. 1800 Training hours completed.

Wright Institute of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, Psychodynamic therapist.          Internship Completed – June 2013

Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria, California, Clinical Psychology with Emphasis Depth Psychology. Ph.D completed and posted July 2, 2013

University of Miami, Miami, Florida. Master of Fine Arts. MFA

Music/Creative Writing. 1995

New York University, New York, New York. Masters (MA). Interdisciplinary Masters:

Psychology – Music Therapy – Dream Analysis. 1991.


  • Currently treating patients with depression, anxiety, schizo-affective disorders using a Depth Psychological lens under the supervision of Dr. Linda K. O’Dell.
  • Completed Post-Doc internship at the Wright Institute in Los Angeles as an psychoanalytical therapist. Co-leader of Economic Crisis Program group.
  • Completed dissertation titled: “The music of images: contribution to dream work in Depth Psychology.” Chairman is Dr. Robert Romanyshyn. Defended May, 2013. Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria, California.
  • Completed 500 hours of Practicum work at BHC, Alhambra Psych Hospital.
  • Clinical and professional experience working the elderly population at the Belmont
  • Completed 1,000 Practicum clinical work at California Family Counseling Center in Encino, CA.
  • Assisted living facility. Experience working with elderly as a group facilitator, music teacher, meditation teacher and therapist.
  • PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • 10 years experience writing professionally about music, consciousness, spiritual issues & humanities
  • Extensive reading list regarding psychology, spirituality, language, music as a therapeutic modality and research with a focus on addiction issues, anxiety, family systems and healthcare
  • Experience working with clients suffering from addictions, anxiety, depression, ADD, Bipolar and SchizoAffective disorders
  • Experience with Music Therapy as a composer/clinician using Depth Psychology lens
  • Extensive knowledge of 12-Step programs
  • Team player who works with struggling adults, families and elderly while remaining sensitive to social and work issues and behavior related to pathology
  • Raised in a family of physicians who act as support and inspiration including a brother who recently graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School and a father who has acted as Acting Residence Chairman at Flushing Hospital in Queens, New York for 50 years.
  • Can attend all scheduled clinical debriefings, staff meetings and team meetings in order to assist in assessing client’s needs, strengths, resources, and provide feedback regarding treatment planning.

Clinical and Research Experience:

2015 – Present  Ph.D Psychological Assistant. Currently treating patients in private practice under the supervision of Linda K. O’Dell, Ph.D in Beverly Hills, CA.

2015 Ph.D post doc hours were completed at the Wright Institute of Los Angeles. Work includes intervention and psychodynamic therapy with patients struggling with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and schizo-affective disorders. Primary focus is on object relations, dream interpretation and addiction issues which are interfering with patients ability to function at full capacities in given living environments.

2015 (Present and ongoing) Continuing to develop research and give public lectures and presentations on the importance of incorporating dream interpretation when working with patients. This work continues to explore the relationship between images and music and the importance of deepening our understanding of how images impact our psychological perspectives on both personal and collective unconscious levels. Recent lecture was given at the Jung Institute in Los Angeles (August-2013)

2013-2014 (Present and ongoing) Continuing to teach and give presentations on the importance of incorporating Meditation and Mindful practices in the treatment of anxiety and age-related populations and disorders including Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Dementia.

2013 Ph. D. level Internship at the Wright Institute of Los Angeles. 1500 hours have been supervised under the tutelage of Dr. Valerie von Raffay, Dr. Sharon Bishop and Dr. Michele Gomes. Worked with patients struggling with depression, anxiety and schizo-affective disorder. Leader of Economic Crisis Group (ECP). The program focus of this institute is on psychoanalytical psychotherapeutic interventions using Self-Psychology, Object Relations and Ego psychology. Training has included facilitating psychodynamic individual therapy, leading intervention ECP groups, and attending and participating in case presentations and classes.

2013 Ph. D. level Dissertation. Completed and approved dissertation titled “The Music of Images: Contribution to Dream Work in Depth Psychology.” This was a qualitative study using participants who struggle with dream content and proposes an innovative approach to working with dream content by applying originally composed music to the participant’s dream report. Results have shown improvement in assisting participants in understanding the content of dreams as well as provoking new significant material and images that provide insights into the deeper wounds the participant is expressing through creativity and discussion. This work was Chaired by the distinguished writer, professor and Jungian Clinician Dr. Robert Romanyshyn, Ph.D.

2010-2013 Ph. D. level PRACTICUM at BHC Alhambra Hospital in Rosemead, CA. Hours were supervised under the tutelage of Dr. Joseph Dadourian, ED.D. Hours have accumulated in the partial hospitalization facility. The program focus of this unit has included the ability to provide a transition period between inpatient and outpatient treatment to assist patients in learning coping skills so as to prevent regression and/or relapse. The age range is from 18 and up. Patients in this facility have either experienced persistent mental illness with a recent history of declining functioning and/or exacerbation of symptoms or in transition from acute hospitalization. Training has included leading intervention groups, individual therapy and treatment planning. Training has also included working with chemical dependency issues in patients who struggle with a wide range of serious addictions.

2010  Facilitating group work and classes with elderly population at the Belmont Assisted Living facility in Encino, CA. Intervention work at this facility has included using meditation, music therapy and writing exercises to work with residents struggling with age-related depression, anxiety and physical ailments including Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, and Dementia.

2009-2010 Ph.D. level PRACTICUM/Internship at CAL FAM Counseling Center under the supervision of Dr. Ann Elkin. Using Psychoanalysis, Cognitive Behavioral, Music Therapy and Humanistic Psychology tools. Hours were accumulated in the clinical center of the community facility. The program focused on the assessment and individual treatment of adult patients from a diverse cultural background. Patients in this facility tended to suffer from severe depression and anxiety with suicidal ideation, in addition to trauma-based reactions to challenging life experiences. Training and experience was focused on one-on-one individual therapy with patients. Training also included training hours, in class seminars, group and individual supervision, as well as field work in the community.

2010 Ph.D level research work with Dr. Robert Romanyshyn, Ph.D using music compositions and images as an intervention approach. The title of this work is called “Antartica”.

2010 Completed training hours and certificate for sexual addictive behavior at the Del Amo Behavioral health System of Southern California. Training included hours in diagnosis and treatment for sexual addition issues. This work focused on the changing roles of partners in addictive systems. Work was presented by Dr. John Sealy, MD and Kirsten Rogoff, MFT.

2001-2010 Clinical work using music therapy in a variety of projects that ranged from music composition as an intervention technique to proposing music and active imagination work using cinematic images and music to support psychosocial and environmental conditions. Music in this category was composed for a number of feature-length film projects including: Climate Refugees (2010), Reconciliation (2010), Hot Coffee (2010), Antarctica (2010), and The Highest Pass (2010). All of these feature-length films are in service to a wide range of diverse cultural individuals seeking to learn more about their social and political environments and to contend with serious interpersonal conditions that are vital to any individual’s well being.

2008 [Present] Ph.D. level education in Clinical Psychology. Curriculum includes work with Clinical Assessments, Advanced Psychopathology, and comparative psychoanalysis theory including psychoanalysis, Cognitive Behavioral, Object Relations, Existential Humanist Psychology and Music Therapy orientation.

2008-2011   L.A Yoga Magazine. Writer of spirituality, music psychotherapy and psychological driven stories for monthly well-being magazine.

2007 [Present] Documentary Film Project: “A Portrait of the Depressed Artist”. Project Writer. Dealing with researching how an artist uses creativity to contend with clinical depression. Project Director: William Tyler Smith.

2003 Sex, Love and Alcohol Addiction Research, Alliant University, Los Angeles. Staff Research Associate in training. Research project on addictive habits in adults including drug abuse, projection, mirroring, and abuse in intimate relationships. Dr. William Wexler, Ph.D., [study now closed].

2002 Afghanistan Children Refugee project. Research and fund-raising project titled “Celebration Above the Clouds.” Producer and supervisor of the work.

1997  “Homeless Dreams” – Thesis project at New York University that included working with and interviewing homeless people and discussed their dream content and how it applied to Freud’s “Condensation” theory. How sound impacts dream content. This research work was documented on Video.

Teaching Experience:

2016 Instructor of “Advanced Dream Interpretation” course given to Post Doctorates at the Wright Institute of Los Angeles

2013 Private and Public Lectures on Dream Interpretation using Music. Jung Institute of Los Angeles. Produced by Wendy McGinty, Ph.D

2010 Private instructor for Meditation, Writing, and Music subjects at the Belmont Assisted Living facility in Encino, CA.

2008  Private Tutoring for Ph.D and Master’s Students in Psychology programs.

2005-Present        Meditation Instructor. Freelance. Los Angeles, CA. Meditation and Music Therapy workshops for adults.

Publications and Presentations:

2015 Presentation at the CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO in Los Angeles, CA. Screening of the feature film AWAKE: THE LIFE OF YOGANANDA and discussion regarding the importance of dream consciousness, meditation and music to add vitality to an individual’s life.

2014 Multiple Presentations in Los Angeles, CA Screening of the feature film AWAKE: THE LIFE OF YOGANANDA and Q&A discussions regarding the importance of dream consciousness, meditation and music to add vitality to an individual’s life.

2013 Presentation at the Jung Institute of Los Angeles on “The Music of Images: Contribution to Dream Work in Depth Psychology.” Demonstration and lecture on dream interpretation using Jungian theory and original music composing as a way of deepening the experience of dream images to access unconscious material.

2013 Ph.D. level Dissertation. Completed and published dissertation titled “The Music of Images: Contribution to Dream Work in Depth Psychology.” This is a qualitative study using participants who struggle with dream content and proposes an innovative approach to working with dream content by applying originally composed music to the participant’s dream report. Results have shown improvement in assisting participants in understanding the content of dreams as   well as provoking new significant material and images that provide insights into the deeper wounds the participant is expressing through creativity and discussion.  This work is being Chaired by the distinguished writer, professor and Jungian Clinician Dr. Robert Romanyshyn, Ph.D.

2011 Composer and presenter at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT Spoke to a paid audience about the importance of music and images as a therapeutic modality for higher learning, healing and recovery

2010 Composer and presenter at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT Spoke to a paid audience about the importance of music and images as a therapeutic modality for higher learning, healing and recovery

2010 Composer of original therapeutic music for feature length film projects including: Climate Refugees (2010), Reconciliation (2010), Hot Coffee (2010), Antarctica (2010), and The Highest Pass (2010)

2010 Narcissism and Intervention using Depth Psychology and Music Therapy. Cal Fam Counseling Center. March/2010

2010 Michael Mollura. Cultivating Peace For The Elderly. Belmont Village Assisted Living Facility in Encino. February/2010

2009 Michael Mollura. Psychological Assessment Power Point Presentation. For Dr. Gary

Groth Marnot. Pacifica Graduate Institute. July/2009

2009  Michael Mollura. Opening of the Heart and Its Applications to Psychological Well Being, LA Yoga Magazine. May/2009

2008  Michael Mollura. Sacred Music and its Therapeutic Applications. LA Yoga Magazine. January/2008

2008  Michael Mollura. Art Therapy: Painting, Music and Meditation for Everyone, LA Yoga Magazine. September/2008

Many others upon request.

Outreach and Volunteer Work:

2013-2014 – Group Leader of Economic Crisis Program at the Wright Institute of Los Angeles.

2009-2011 – CBT Meditation and Breathing Workshops for the Elderly. Belmont

Village Assisted Living Facility in Encino. Referral Kim Pisapia.

2001-Present – Siddha Yoga Meditation Center. Benefits of sacred music on adults.

2008  Obama Campaign for Presidency. Fundraising.

2007  Addiction Clinics in Los Angeles. Answering phones, helping out in whatever way         with clients suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Various Facilities.

2002  Afghanistan Children Refugees Fund, United States Government. Fundraising for the fund to help out children suffering from the impact of war in the region.

Professional Affiliations:

American Psychological Association [APA], Student Affiliate


  • Counseling Skills (Psychodynamic, Depth Psychology, Self Psychology, Object Relations, Ego Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, CBT – Voice Therapy, Music Therapy)
  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Administration/scoring of psychological test batteries with adults, research interviewing, data collection, reporting, design and execution of focus groups, and human subject research protocol.
  • Excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills with over 10 years of experience in the writing industry. In this capacity, I have the ability to comprehend complex material and apply it to subjects using excellent verbal and interpersonal communication skills with excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple demands and meet deadlines
  • Excellent attention to detail and accuracy, proactive team player, willing to do what needs to be done to get any assignment accomplished with a high degree of success, ability to comprehend and write compelling content about a wide variety of subjects including psychological assessments.
  • Active meditation trainer and Music Therapy coach
  • Creative oriented and able to apply and relate to all challenges which effect individuals who suffer from performance anxieties.
  • Knowledge of 12-step programs
  • Administering and participating in clinical debriefings, staff meetings and team meetings in order to assist in assessing client’s needs, strengths, resources, and provide feedback regarding treatment planning.


Many references available upon request




Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa

Fees will depend on number of sessions per week, should your therapy include Dream- Music Psychotherapy sessions which is optional and discussed.

  • Cost (per psychotherapy session): $150.00
  • Sliding Scale: Accepted
  • Music Dream Psychotherapy is a supplement to the psychotherapy process.  Fees can be negotiated for this work as a package.  Five Sessions – $750.00  Which includes the analysis of a specific dream, then put to music and interpreted.  At the end of your five sessions you have a piece of music composed and produced to your dream for you to have forever.


My Office

My office is centrally located in a safe and welcoming part of Beverly Hills.  It provides a private waiting room with separate entrance and exits to ensure total confidentiality.


Dr. Michael Mollura Ph.D, MA, MFA

9730 Wilshire Blvd.

Suite 216

Beverly Hills, CA 90212





ID: PSB94021221

Supervision by Dr. Linda K. O’Dell  Ph.D – PSY25831


Below are pictures of the buildings main entrance and the stair way which leads up to my second floor office.

 Wilshire Entrance

Wilshire Entrance



 Stairway to 2nd floor

Stairway to 2nd floor