Music Dream Psychology

As a professional film music composer for over 20 years and a PhD clinical psychologist with a special interest in dream images, I have researched and created a supplemental approach to the understanding of dreams that includes the composing of original music to particular images that call for deeper understanding. The work is designed to tend to reoccurring or perplexing dreams through using music and sound to provide more clarity about dream content and access deepened healing modalities. This work is not a cure or a fix for any existing pathology or psychological condition. This work is meant to inform the process of healing and is only applied if the work calls for it.

This work is NOT “music therapy” and that needs some explanation. The intention of traditional music therapy that is provided by certified board music therapists is to specifically use music to rewire and condition existing pathology by using music to relax and influence change in existing unwanted behavior. My work with music is not intended for change or fixing. Music Dream Psychotherapy is supplemental to psychotherapy and is intended only to understand dream content to access more empathy, compassion and connection with clients struggling to be heard.

The work begins by first discussing the dream.  In subsequent sessions the client collaborates with me in an effort to re-create the experience of the dream using sounds, vibrations, and tones which then create a musical landscape that best describes the dream in a new collaborative piece of music composition.  In follow-up sessions client and therapist discuss content of the dream using the music composition and analyze if new images, ideas, interpretations have provided more details for further exploration.

The intention of this process is to access dream content that will guide us on the road to respecting and understanding the nature of the dream, while providing new material for subsequent session content themes and material for deeper healing.

I feel that the creative component of the human experience is often neglected and the cause of discomfort or uneasiness in one’s life.  I believe that by accessing the creative artist in everyone we activate a healing process that is exciting, fun and insightful. 

Music and Dream work is new and it is my contribution to the field of psychology. It is not done with everyone and is discussed upon request. It is not a replacement of traditional psychotherapeutic work, but a supplemental tending to material that blends and works with the process of healing. I approach this dream-music work with love, enthusiasm and excitement! Feel free to call or email me with questions.