Dream Music Psychotherapy

As a professional composer for over 20 years with a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and a trained therapist with a special interest in dream images, this approach to psychotherapy includes clinical strategies to address the thematic content of my client’s dreams.  The work is designed to tend to reoccurring or disturbing or perplexing dreams through neuro-linguistic programing using music to provide more clarity about dream content and access deepened healing modalities to combat anxiety, depression and dream disorders. The work begins by first discussing the dream.  In subsequent sessions the client collaborates with me in an effort to re-create the experience of the dream using sounds, vibrations, and tones which then create a musical landscape that best describes the dream in a new collaborative piece of music composition.  In follow-up sessions client and therapist discuss content of the dream using the music composition and explore if new images, ideas, interpretations have deepened the experience of the dream.

The intention of this process is to access dream content that guide us on the road to respecting and understanding the nature of the dream, while providing a road map for subsequent session content themes and material for deeper healing to manifest in your life.

I feel that the creative component of the human experience is often neglected and the cause of discomfort or uneasiness in one’s life.  I believe that by accessing the creative artist in everyone we activate neurologically a healing process that is exciting, fun and insightful.  This therapy is not just for creative minded individuals, but for all those who are interested in such explorations.  If you do not have a “realized” creative bone in your body, you are not alone, nor are you excluded from this work.  In fact, this work might just benefit the least creative individual as much if not more than those who come already making a living as a creative artist.  Nevertheless, being a musician (though helpful) is not a requirement to do this work.

If you are not dreaming, this work could inspire the dreaming process to manifest and we can work together to help you remember your dreams.  To consider this approach to the unconscious, we would begin by discussing the process in great detail and you can decide if this work is best for you.

Dream Music Psychotherapy is new and it is my contribution to the field of psychology. It is not a replacement of traditional psychotherapeutic work, but a supplemental intervention that blends and works with the process of healing. I approach this dream-music work with love, enthusiasm and excitement! Feel free to call or email me with questions.