Dr. Michael Mollura is currently in private practice as a full-time licensed Clinical Psychologist in Beverly Hills, California and Silver Lake/Atwater areas and also holds workshops and discussions that address the importance of creativity, meditation, yogic practices and dream consciousness to bring more gratitude into our everyday lives. He first received an MA from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts specializing in Performance Studies which included the analysis of performance as a behavioral construct - music - image - text and anthropology. Mollura followed that degree by earning an MFA in the study of text, music and images from the University of Miami. Mollura then received his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and completed both his internship and post-doctoral training at The Wright Institute of Los Angeles. His main orientations are Jungian and Self Psychology.

Dr. Mollura has recently taught Advanced Dream Interpretation coursework at the Wright Institute of Los Angeles and has a firm positive reputation in the spiritual community of Los Angeles. In April-2019 Dr. Mollura was featured at the Inspirational Esalen Film Festival where he presented his dream music work and his contributions to films as a composer.  He takes pride in his availability and commitment to making positive transformations take place in the lives of all his clients, colleagues, students and friends. Dr. Mollura brings 30 years of education and spiritual growth with many years of clinical training to provide a life-affirming, nurturing, creative and confidential space for real healing to take place.