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Dream group work is a practice that goes back all the way to Roman times when each home used to have a private dream interpreter to help heal sickness and wounds of a family or the community. Dream groups are still popular today in indigenous cultures from the Middle East to Europe to Peru. In this special 2-hour workshop participants will have the opportunity to bring an actual dream report to work on and share with a clinical professional in a healing environment. The intention of the dream group is to use a collective group to support each person’s understanding of a particular dream which may seem puzzling, mysterious or intriguing to the dreamer. As a group we will facilitate a new way of understanding dream material. This dream group will be led by Dr. Michael Mollura who is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Beverly Hills with a PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute and a Masters degree from NYU. Dr. Mollura is known for his work on the hit NETFLIX movie HEAL as its composer and contributor and for his healing work with clinical dreams. Michael was recently featured in LA Yoga Magazine and was asked to present his work at Esalen in Big Sur to discuss his work as a composer and dream interpreter. This is a special not to be missed opportunity to find out how your dreams may be the portal to living a conscious healthy life.




Also note:  the feature film HEAL is now available on NETFLIX featuring a film score by Michael Mollura. 


2019 ESALEN INSPIRATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is proud to present licensed clinical psychologist and sound healing composer Dr. Michael Mollura PhD for screenings of his films and a dream music workshop on April 28-April 30 at Esalen in Big Sur.  In this program Esalen will screen the hit Netflix film HEAL as well as ANTARCTICA - a collaborative DVD art video made by Pacifica's treasured researcher author Dr. Robert Romanyshyn with music by Michael Mollura. In addition, Michael will be presenting a 3-hour workshop introducing his work as a professional music composer and licensed psychologist who composes original music to the dream reports of actual participants.  This is a premiere public presentation. Click here for more information.