With Enthusiasm, Peace of mind and Warmth – Welcome!
— Dr. Michael Mollura, Ph.D

About Me 

Dr. Michael R. Mollura is a licensed clinician PSY30873. He has a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology with two Master degrees in the study of the healing components of music, performance and images.  In a centrally located Beverly Hills office, Dr. Mollura offers classic psychodynamic therapy addressing mild-severe symptoms for depression, anxiety, grief, dream-sleep challenges, creative dilemmas, addictive thought-stopping, spiritual challenges, unstable moods, chronic pain and disruptive thinking.

You may have already heard of Dr. Mollura or know him as the music composer contributor to such critically acclaimed films as HEAL (currently on Netflix), Awake: The Life of Yogananda, Climate Refugees or The Highest Pass. With 30 years of experience as a spiritual practitioner and scholar and artist, Dr. Mollura embodies a creative warmth and imparts a friendly down-to-earth reception that can assist in decreasing the levels of anxiousness often associated with awkward situations. Mollura is a transported New Yorker who knows what it means to struggle and how challenging it can be to ask for help. He is committed to providing a therapeutic environment that feels calming and gentle as well as inspiring and caring.  Dr. Mollura’s extensive experiences as a clnically trained Ph.D level psychotherapist and creative interventionist makes his perspective unique and complements his ability to effectively relate and serve others with a high level of authenticity, compassion and enthusiasm. Drawing on his own personal experiences, he has successfully worked with all levels of artists, entertainment industry executives, well-known musicians, parents, corporate executives and people who just want to get back on to the grid and start enjoying life again.

Dr. Mollura’s therapy includes a sensitive blend of traditional psychotherapy, Jungian driven Depth Psychology, Self Psychology and a focus on dream interpretation using creative expression to open up the psyche for new healing perspectives to emerge.

Dr. Mollura is an Esalen featured PhD psychologist and experimental sound music composer. His work with dreams and music as a Psychologist will be featured in the upcoming 2019 Inspirational Esalen Film Festival overlooking Big Sur from April 28-30th. The festival will include a world premiere public presentation of Dr Mollura’s work with music, dreams and sound. For additional information on the festival please visit


About my Approach to Therapy

My therapeutic work is focused on providing a new refreshing sense of hope and well being to the individuals I work with. In treatment I address each person's obstacles and how they relate to the struggles of living in what can feel like a very challenging unsupportive environment. Through dialogue we address any discomforting thoughts and feelings associated with daily life issues in ways that can not be addressed by one's friends or relatives. The confidential nature of our alliance allows the healing process to begin. I believe that unconditional love, compassionate listening and empathy can open vital portals to healing.  I grew up in New York and I have studied homelessness and I have engaged with the shadows of our world on levels that can not be described accurately. I have had the honor of working with people who have had to fight just to get a seat on a subway car in sub zero degree weather or the once accomplished business owner who has lost everything but refuses to give up on life.  I know what it means to feel overcrowded and undernourished even under the beautiful blue skies and nurturing sunlight of Southern California.  Regardless of who you are, what you think you’ve done, or what you think of your SELF — I will receive you with warmth. I sincerely believe that whatever the presenting issues that have brought you to this point of having to seek a therapist –– regardless of how powerless or hopeless it all might feel –– actually may be happening for a reason with the intention of finally being healed not just for you, but for everyone you know. Believe it or not, everyone benefits when one person decides to be courageous enough to change how they experience the world.

While therapy might consider how the past has shaped current experiences of problematic thinking patterns, my approach to accessing healing also considers creative and spiritual ways of understanding why you have come to therapy at this time and how your symptoms are expressions of the deepest part of your being seeking peace of mind through a positive healthy relationship. In this new way, the work is focused on the creative exploration of images and ideas that make us who we are in the world and provide direction for transformation and satisfaction. I am not into New Ageisms or fancy philosophies -- but heart to heart communications to access hope and inspiration through the science and spirituality of connective interactions.   

Topics generally discussed in therapy range from issues regarding intimacy fears, creative impotence, sexual discomfort, relationship and vocational concerns as well as transpersonal events that feel alienating and scary. I consider how our moods, fears and perceptions are nothing to be ashamed of no matter how disturbing they are. With sensitivity and optimism I listen, reflect and create the work with you in a collaborative, healing environment that is creative and completely confidential. Together we create a healing experience by accessing that part of you that has been forgotten and awakens that part of you who longs for healthy connection, authentic communication with trust and a new sense of well being.  I invite you to come in for a free consultation meeting and see for yourself if what I am saying here is true.  If you do not feel inspired after that first session, there will be no charge and you are free to seek other options for your recovery.  I am here to serve and to help and that is why I love doing what I was placed on this earth to do. May you always be heard, held and loved!  Thank you for being here.