Read what business professionals who have worked with Dr. Michael Mollura are saying!


“Michael Mollura is a treasure! The attendees of our Esalen Inspirational Film Festival absolutely loved taking part in his first ever Dream Music Master Class -- almost as much as we loved presenting it! Michael masterfully intertwined his warm and intuitive nature with his deep knowledge of the science (and art) of dreams in a way that both informed and inspired. The icing on the cake was to observe his creative genius as he composed such impactful music right before our eyes!”

- Christine E. Leuthold Co-Director of The Esalen Inspirational Film Festival Brand strategist and voiceover artist for greater good initiatives

“Michael Mollura worked closely with me for 10 years. On top of his day-to-day tasks, beyond his obvious skills as a composer, Michael brings a Ph.D in Psychology and a Master’s degree in performance art to create a new and powerful approaches to working with people.”

-Entertainment Executive

“Michael is well educated, well organized, talented and an exceptional person. He is motivated, loyal and a very hard worker. For ten years he has cultivated a strong web of contacts in many fields. He has powerful “people” skills and an extensive social network. He’d make an incredible teacher or therapist should he choose that path.” 

–Mike Gormley, Co-Owner, Yes Dear Entertainment, Former Head at Virgin Records with over 30 years in the Entertainment Industry

“We have worked with Michael a few times throughout the years and each time he has brought creativity, professionalism, and insight to our conversations! As a media outlet for many talented musicians, our clients need help getting started and recognized, Michael has been able to help us deliver those ingredients to the final product for our clients. On behalf of Helping Heroes and our talented clients, thanks for support!

Michelle, Helping Heroes Productions

“Michael is rock-solid, personable and has great depth as a teacher, analyst and writer.”

Bernard Tubiana, Principal at Deloitte Consulting

“I love working with Michael!  He is a straight-shooter, always giving me great feedback. He’s honest, an expert and available to take calls or answer my emails. Michael is delightful joy to work with – a rarity – and someone that can inspire you even when you’re in the clutches of an exasperating situation. If you ever need a go-to guy, Michael’s the man!”

- Regina

“Michael is a uniquely talented individual. He draws upon his exceptional skills as a therapist and artist to bring to the table a distinct perspective and approach. He is a compassionate person with a tremendous curiosity that is reflected in his writing and in all his work.  His easy-going nature allows him to be receptive and open to new ideas.”

Marcy, Entertainment Executive

“Michael Mollura’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and insight make him a pleasure to work with under any circumstance. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for a therapist or composer whose creativity is inline with modern online media campaigns and social networking. Definitely an innovative individual whose thoughts appeal to the masses.”

Mary White - Personal Consultant to the Stars

“What makes Michael most importantly is his ability to work with people of all genres of life and thinking, while keeping an open mind.”

Joey Alkes, Poet, artist

“Michael’s a guy who means what he says, and says what he means. It’s a breath of fresh air to find a guy in the entertainment and mental health industry that is genuine, and not a poser. (like so many other wannabes) If you value integrity and honesty, then knowing Michael is worth a King’s ransom.”

Terry Rindal, Executive Producer of multiple films

“Michael is always a pleasure to work with, and an outstanding thinker.”

Sidra Consultations

“Michael is shy about admitting it, but he’s a renaissance guy. An experienced editor, trained therapist, seasoned musician, and, important in my world, a world class yogi as well. You should talk to Michael. You might even get a hit of transformation from this kid.”

Cary Baker, PR Executive

“Michael is an amazingly generous and loving individual. He puts his heart in to everything he does and is always looking to support others with what they are up to in life.”

Jason D - Executive

“Michael has the vision.”

Beth Ann - Coach

“Michael is a skilled and thoughtful thinker who’s articles in LA YOGA are always very well received. his positive attitude and friendly demeanor make him a joy to work with!”

Kerri, Art/Design Director

“A singular talent himself. A unique visionary. He’ll make a great teacher, educator, therapist and writer.”

Lindsey Anderson, Interactive Marketing Manager at McCann Worldgroup

…And there’s so much more if you ask for it. Specific recommendations for special projects and opportunities are available upon request.